Syndicate Rates:

Your Newspaper would get 3 High Quality editorial cartoons per week for: $10.00 per week for small circulation newspapers, $15 per week for large circulation newspapers, a number of publications take 2 cartoons per week for an acceptable rate so you can also customize what you would need.  I will(and do) negotiate with any publication an acceptable rate that's  within your newspaper's/publication's budget.
Weekly and monthly publications/newspapers have a flat rate per cartoon they use based on mutual acceptable rate.

Free Samples:

To receive two - four weeks of FREE samples, Click Contact Us, I'll need your name, paper,e-mail, and phone number; plus any questions you might have. Cartoons will be emailed directly to the email address you supply
Feel free to publish any cartoon samples you receive, during trial period you are under no obligation to buy any.
Thank for you interest in our cartoons!