Tariffs Are The Greatest!


Yes, it’s true that the United States has gotten short shrift on trade, particularly with China, but we shouldn’t be imposing tariffs on our European and Canadian allies.

And yes, it’s also true that “everybody’s talking” about the Trump administration’s crackdown on this country’s trading partners.

But they’re not talking about it in a good way. They certainly don’t see tariffs as “the greatest.”

It turns out that trade wars aren’t so easily winnable after all: Tit-for-tat tariffs appear to be hurting the very people who were supposed to be helped by Republican tax cuts — middle-class Americans and business owners.

The tariffs so far imposed will cost the average American household $60 a year — $33 of that just on newly taxed Chinese goods. So are tariffs the greatest?? Just ask a soybean farmern pork producer, a dairy farmer…and on and on!!