From left to right, Charlie, Debra and me Jerry. 

We are: 

Jerry Davison; Cartoonist
Rural Wisconsin is home. Born and raised  in Kekoskee (Pop. 188) on the edge of the Horicon National Wildlife refuge.   I Graduated Mayville High School in 1973. I took 4 years of High School Art doing editorial cartoons for the school newspaper.  Along the way I took home study courses in Art and Cartooning. and  over the years continuied to study, practice and improve my cartooning and illustration techniques as I still do today.
  In 1987 after showing cartoons to the editor- Harley Buccholz-of The Reporter, Fond du Lac Wisconsin’s daily paper, I was given the chance to show off my cartoons. Without pay from 1987 to 1994 I contributed editorial cartoons to The Reporter’s Readers View section of the paper. In 1994 after an audition of cartoonists, I was officially hired as The Reporter editorial cartoonist and I still am.
 Over the years I also picked up other newspapers and publications that have used my work, The Capital Times, The Kenosha News, Wisconsin State Journal, being the more major ones..Another major publication is The Wisconsin Agriculturist.
 I do not work alone though,in 2008 I became acquainted with Debra Downey.  We both work at Wal-Mart and as we became friends I discovered her talent as a writer she is. Then as I was acquainted with her fiance he also had a talent to come up with ideas for the issues of the day, both have become my team of writers, along with a good knack for adding details have very much improved the cartoons. Her critiques of my work has vastly improved my cartoons.  
Debra Downey: Writer, Gag Writer, Advisor

 Debra Denise Downey was born in Saint Petersburg Florida on October 5, 1978 . I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I grew-up there till I was about 17 and then moved to Wisconsin to be by my mother, who was originally from Wisconsin and just moved back 2 yrs prior. I have now lived here for the last 13 years. I am engaged to Charles Mountin, and  have been together for 10 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Maurisa 17 and Trinity 13. We also have two cats named Madison and Snowflake, who are our family’s furry friends. 
  My hobbies include writing, reading, music, movies, mountain biking, and the outdoors. "I got my start in cartooning when I met my partner Jerry Davison, a co-worker at Wal-Mart. Once we started working together I found we had a lot in common and we started making cartoons."  Debra has quite the creative talents, writing just one of many. Music, playing guitar, crafting, poetry ....a talented person in many creative fields

Charlie Mountin: Writer, Gag Writer, Advisor

My name’s Charlie and I’m 39 years old. I was born in Milwaukee, WI on January 24, 1976. I grew up in Oshkosh, WI and have 1 brother I have two beautiful daughters and I’m engaged. My fiancé is also one of my partners in the creation of these cartoons. Her name is Debra and she is wonderful.  I met my other partner and the true genius in this collaboration, Jerry since 2008.  I love helping to create the ideas for these cartoons. I can’t draw very well but I love helping create the ideas. I also love books, music, movies, and the outdoors.  I have really enjoyed watching out cartoons grow and I love seeing them out in the world. I hope everyone else enjoys them as well. Cheers.

This is our team, call it fate, call it luck, I call being blessed that God brought all three of us together. I could not have better friends and a best friend unlike any other. I don't think there exists a better friend. So that's Newstoonz. I hope you enjoy our creations and respect our opinions as we will yours. God Bless. Jerry.